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Whiskey Stones Gift Set

According to a Peruvian newspaper, the first Whiskey Sour was created in 1872. That’s a long time for a Classic Cocktail to mature and land in the top 5 most ordered Cocktails list.

We introduce this Whiskey Sour Classic Cocktail with the addition of Amaretto. The marriage of the Whiskey and the sweet Almond flavor will have you snapping your fingers to the beat-nik beat and humming cool vibrations to a Jazzy tune. Keep snapping your fingers cuz we got the traditional Whiskey Sour recipe too along with a cool Seedlip Sour Mocktail. It’s all the buzz cuz! 

Add a groovy collectable set of Whiskey Stones. What's a Whiskey Stone you ask? Only the coolest Bar Tool that keeps your drink cool without diluting.

Made of Marble, they naturally retain the icy temperature of the freezer. Simply chill the stones in the freezer, place them in the glass and enjoy them with your Whiskey Sour Cocktails in this Kit OR your straight Bourbon and Whiskey. Stored in a drawstring storage bag, You can use them over and over.

Blue tools not included, upgrade for BOTR blue is sold separately.

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