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5 Star Rating

These are easy, delicious, creative, and fun Kits for making Cocktails

“Shake things up” and support a local, women-owned business with BoxOnThe.Rocks! These are easy, delicious, creative, and fun Kits for making Cocktails. The first recipe we went for within the Cosmo Kit was the French Hibiscus 75. 😋 Highly recommend!

Shelley F.

The Kit does all the thinking and shopping for you

Our first subscription Kit arrived, and we made our Cosmos already. It’s fun, because the Kit does all the thinking and shopping for you, and encourages you to try something new or try a new spin on something you already enjoy. Confession: I’m Celia’s mom, so I ordered a subscription for the full year. You should, too, though! Because you can always use a Kit as gifts for those last-minute invites. You know how you’re always thankful to have an extra bottle of wine. Well, this is better — and as unexpected as that invite! If your host doesn’t Drink alcohol, a Mocktail is included in the recipes. You can’t go wrong! Cheers!

- Jackie D.

What a hit!

I received all of the Kits and sent them out to our employees. What a hit! I have another team doing a happy hour and we want to offer them a Cocktail Kit if they are unable to attend. Which one do you suggest you'd be able to make large quantities of?

Samantha R.

Box On The Rocks™

I really like this Kit because of the Mocktails included which are very good. Of course, we like the other Cocktails also.

- Patricia F.

January Kit

The Kit had absolutely everything you need to create a delicious Cocktail. My only suggestion is instead of using a fraction of an ounce as a measurement in the recipe use a more common household measurement of tsp and Tbsp

Kathie C.

If you are on the fence, just try.

Let me start out by saying we have ordered other Kits from a different company in the past. This Kit is a million times better and that is just after 2 Kits. Our first Kit was tropical margaritas, they were all so good. Our current Kit is dessert martinis. When I got the email about this Kit, I was afraid they would be too sweet, but I can honestly say that this has been our favorite Kit BY FAR. The best thing about this Kit is the normal ingredients. If you really like a specific Drink, all of the ingredients can be easily ordered online, or picked up in your local store. That is a huge plus for me. Our past subscription had obscure ingredients you could not find anywhere.

Crystal R

Cheers to the start of a new year

To close out the year we were given a Box On The Rocks™ package to build our own whisk(e)y sour and cheers as a team on a zoom call. It’s safe to say I love my job

Alyssa W.

This is a stone cold party in a Box!

Well done ladies! This is a stone cold party in a Box! Love it!

Glenn G.


This Kit arrived and it was GO TIME!


SO happy! 😊

Ahhh This makes me SO happy! 😊

Ashee B.,

They are first class and well done

Planning on re-subscribing later - Love everything about the Kits and plan to buy Kits as needed. They are first class and well done

Leslie R.

Box On The Rocks™ is my new go to

Mix all different kinds of Drinks!!! this one has everything you need to mix whiskey sour, amaretto sour, seedlip sour Mocktail. Changes the way you Drink. Super fun! A must for parties!!

Jesse C.

Every Kit is a slam dunk!

Absolutely love this Kit! Each shipment comes with enough to make a lot of Drinks and gives three different Drink options. We usually save the Kit for the weekend and invite friends over for a fun Cocktail party. I've also enjoyed beefing up my liquor cabinet with new entrants (no liquor is sent, which is ok) and learning about how simple & tasty some of these Drinks can be. My favorite so far as been the Whiskey Sour Kit. Highly recommend!!

Mario B.

Love it

I had the best time mixing up the fabulous Drinks in this Kit!!!! I learned so much as well. The packaging is fantastic and seems really top shelf high quality. Shipping is fantastic and so is the customer service. Unboxed two on my channel Arkansas Gals.

Andrea K.

So happy I sent this as a gift!

I sent this Kit to my mom for Mother's Day and she sent me a text saying,"I got mine this evening from my mailbox, it's cosmopolitan flavored I guess I should find my high heels, my hat, my gloves and pretend I'm back in the 1940s and 50s. Too bad I don't have a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie to watch alongside." I'm so happy she enjoyed the gift.

Jeannene P.

Absolutely Loved it!

I absolutely loved the Kit. From packaging to the items inside. I loved the minis of Blue Curacao, practical to take with you anywhere and be able to be hostess with the mostess. I think the packaging color scheme is super fun and it arrived to my location in perfect condition. Also, great option for gifting from far away.

Vanessa L.

Can't Wait For The Next Kit!

"I received my first Kit a few weeks ago and I was thrilled! I love the inclusion of a Drinking vessel and the little Drink umbrellas-making for extra fun, in my opinion. Looking forward to the next month!

Amanda C.

Everything was perfect!

Great packing. Everything was perfect!

Glenn G.

I Know what I'm making later!!🍹🍹

I Know what I'm making later!!🍹🍹. I added Blue Curacao for the Orange and got that terrific ghoulish color.

Annie C.

Everything was great!

Purchased this as a gift - Everything was great!

Emily P.

It was fun

Our first Kit arrived, and we made our Cosmos already. It was fun because the Kit does all the thinking and shopping for you, and encourages you you to try something new or try a new spin on something you already enjoy.

Jackie D.

Love this Kit

Been on a quest to make the perfect margarita. I think Box On The Rocks™ has it all figured out. The Barmalade Cocktails Citrus L-O-L mixer is fantastic

Andy F.

I was very excited to try

I was very excited to try and it was fun for a NYC apartment party.

Patrick B.

Love it

I love everything about this. I was telling my neighbor over lunch and she immediately asked…what’s the website, can I order one now?

Leslie R.

Need ideas for your next party event?

Hosted a blind wine tasting party last night and we used BOTR as a prize. They loved it!

Harv G.

So damn good

The sweetness in the Drink is perfect and paired wonderfully with our enchiladas. We can wait for the next Kit.

Rick R.

Check this

BEST pandemic pivot I’ve seen yet! Not gonna lie, it’s my go-to gift right now. You’re welcome.

Talia O.

Mom on the Rocks

Celebrating our kids left for college!!! There were a few tears shed but the Kit and Drinks made it so fun! Looking forward to October Kit

Donna G.

Sooooo Exciting!

Amazing Box On The Rocks™ !! Women owned subscription Kit with ingredients to create some yummy Cocktails! The theme for this Kit is Blue Hawaii and we have three yummy recipes. Blue Hawaii, blue lagoon and high tide. All you have to do is just add the alcohol.

Lucia M.

Thank you so much !

This was truly the best thing we have done we had such a good time mixing this

Kiersten L


Look how beautiful this looks! I couldn't wait to receive mine

Crystal I.

How cute is this

Definitely the best gift Kit received from last weekends parties in Aspen, it comes with recipes and everything. Love this Kit so much.

Laura S.

Poolside perfect

This was the perfect margarita for a pool day

Senyaceth A.

Margarita Time

Did someone say Margarita Monday ? The perfect margarita to start off my week.

Maribel V.

Supporting women owned business

Best way to support local women owned business while sipping on deliciousness.

Shelley F.