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Cocktail Kits

Home Bartending Made Fun and Easy

Box On The Rocks™ is a retro-inspired Cocktail Kit that offers countless experiences, themed around life’s many drinking occasions. These Classic Cocktail Kits such as the Margarita, include 3 recipes crafted by our in-house Mixology team. Some come with an expert Bar Tool and others with a collectible vessel. Additionally, inside of each Kit you will find a Recipe Card with fun facts and history related to the hero Cocktail. The recipe cards are designed to be collectable for future bartending experiences. Be the boss of your bar and show off your newly found bartending skills and knowledge with Box On The Rock’s Cocktail Kits.

Just Add Your Own Booze

Kits include quality non-alcoholic products and new innovations that typically can’t be found in the local grocery stores. Items like our proprietary Citrus L-O-L Sour and unique garnishing options. All food and beverage accouterments are meticulously selected to make our Kits unique and fun. With everything from mixers to bitters to garnishes, these Kits are complete with everything to make drinks. All you need to do is add your own booze.

Behind the Recipes

We are Cocktail experts with a passion for creating Bartending experiences. Our Mixologist team knows how to develop recipes that are not only unique, but easy to make and even more - are delicious. We are well-versed in annual beverage and consumer trends among the Cocktail, Liquor, Beer and Wine industries which gives us an advantage to selecting the appropriate ingredients and recipes. Our entire Mixology process happens here in our office bar. This is the playground for our Mixologist team to create classic and innovative Cocktail recipes.

Custom Cocktail Kits

We offer customizable Cocktail Kits for consumers and businesses alike. Our small, medium, and large customizable kits are the perfect solution for bringing memorable experiences to all audiences.

If you can dream it, we can make it. And we’ve got plenty of ideas too. Send an email to to get the conversation started.

The BOTR Experience

Our Cocktail Kits are more than just a product, they’re an experience. From the moment you click purchase to the moment you are sipping your favorite Cocktails; our goal is to make the Box On The Rocks™ experience exciting and carefree. Our customer service team is continuously working hard to keep the communication flowing to our customers. All customer service is managed at our HQ in Scottsdale, AZ by our own team members. From fulfillment to answering your questions, we think it’s important to have that personal touch, which is why our team is dedicated to creating a positive experience every step along the way.

Two hip chicks make this a Certified Women Owned business.

Kim and Celia met at a Phoenix-based Advertising Agency in early 2000. Kim overseeing the Client side while Celia worked on the Creative side. They bonded from the start – knowing that someday, they could bring Client and Creative teams together to ultimately forge strong bonds intended to elevate work performance that produced incredible results.

During their tenure, they discovered missed opportunities in the Restaurant and Hospitality connection between Operators and Agencies. Opportunities like operational strategies, service and accountability, and creating brand connections. And, most importantly, they saw a gap in the ability to create programming that was built from Operational lenses rather than traditional Advertising perspectives. 

They worked together for 7 years to create what is now known as the “Ignite Steps for Success” Operations and Marketing formula. After practicing on a couple of different Brands and Marketing teams, they perfected their method, wrote a business plan and Ignite was born, which paved the way to Box On The Rocks™.

Kim Gouch and Celia Waddington possess a combined 70+ years of Branding, Marketing, Operations, Culinary and Mixology, and Supply Chain business disciplines. We know the Restaurant & Bar culture which allows us to create similar at-home experiences for consumers.