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Cosmopolitan Kit

This classic introduces the Hibiscus flower which symbolizes beauty, fame, glory, and perfection. So, let’s start slingin’ with our hero Cocktail – the Hibiscus Cosmo. And keep drinking “inside” the Box as you experiment with the French Hibiscus 75 and the Mocktail Mule.

This classic inspiration comes complete with:

  • Cocktail Picks
  • Monin Pure Cane Syrup
  • MoninHibiscus Syrup
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
  • Q Hibiscus Ginger Beer
  • ReaLime Lime Juice
  • Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup 

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What You'll Need

Ketel One Citroen Vodka (750 mL)

Ketel One Citroen flavored vodka begins with Ketel One Vodka, infused with the essence of four different types of citrus lemons, and two types of limes to enhance the freshness. Taste the hints of freshly cut lemon and delicate honey sweetness.

Cointreau L’Unique Liqueur (750 mL)

Cointreau has an instant freshness yet lingers on the palate, is a harmonious blend of nuanced notes yet remains intensely orange. In Cocktails, Cointreau serves as a flavor amplifier, helping reveal the other ingredients while bringing balance, depth, and freshness to the mix.

Ruffino Prosecco (750 mL)

Prosecco is a sparkling white wine made only in specific provinces of northeastern Italy. All Prosecco wines are made primarily from the Glera grape, a native variety with origins in the lovely village of Prosecco, near Trieste. The Glera grape gives the wine structure and body and is considered to be the heart of Prosecco wines, just as Sangiovese is the heart of Tuscan wines. Ruffino Prosecco DOC is made entirely of Glera grapes. It's easy-to-drink style makes it a versatile food companion. Prosecco is also perfect as an aperitif or mixed into Cocktails.

Shaker & Strainer

Bar Spoon & Measuring Tool (Jigger)


Martini Glass, Champagne Flute & Mule Mug