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Strawberry Margs Forever Kit

Inspired by the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever, we’ve curated the Cocktail Kit of all Cocktail Kits celebrating the ever-popular Strawberry Margarita. Strawberry Margs Forever delivers a variety of recipes based on the classic Margarita and a couple of new twists with Pea Tea-infused Tequila.

The song coming from the psychedelic era, inspires this Kit with its own psychedelic experience when you float your Cocktails with the Pea Tea infused Tequila. Enjoy as you celebrate a classic Cocktail while tapping your feet to the classic Beatles song. You'll have fun experimenting and imbibing with the #1 flavor in the world – Strawberry.

What's Included in the Strawberry Margs Forever Kit:

  • Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker
  • Silicone Funnel
  • Buzzy Seeds Mini Terracotta Grow Kit
  • Wild Hibiscus Blue-Tee Butterfly Pea Flower Teabags
  • Strawberry Reàl Purée
  • Master of Mixes Triple Sec
  • Q Hibiscus Ginger Beer
  • ReaLemon Lemon Juice
  • Dardimans California Crispy Lime Slices

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NOTE: This kit will be available after March 24.

What You'll Need

Villa One Silver Tequila – This premium Blanco was created in collaboration with designer John Varvatos and entertainer Nick Jonas. Their premium tequila is made from 100% blue weber agave sourced from a combination of Lowland and Highland agave of Jalisco, and meticulously distilled by master distiller Arturo Fuentes at the Amber Production Tequila (previously known as Fabrica de Tequilas Finos).